70 days. 5 ways to help us build safer schools.

By now, you've probably heard the great news: Last week, Portland Public School Board voted unanimously to give voters the chance to approve a $790 million bond to build healthier, safer schools across the district to prepare our students for a modern education. The average PPS facility is over 75 years old, and Portland students deserve safe schools free of neurotoxins and carcinogens like lead, asbestos and radon. If approved by voters this May, Portland Public Schools can begin immediate work to restore and modernize schools this summer.

That's where you come in.
The election is on May 16.
That's in less than seventy days.

To win in May, we are going to need every member of our community who cares about the future of Portland's public education to get involved with our campaign and help us tell our neighbors why we need modern schools for our future. The Portlanders for Safe and Healthy Schools campaign is counting on you to help us spread the word and ensure our community comes out this May and votes YES for safe and healthy schools. 

Here are five ways you can help immediately.

LIKE and SHARE us on social media.

Our campaign is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow us, and help share our content with your neighbors!

SIGN UP to volunteer and join our mailing list.

We'll be sending out updates of the campaign, our latest endorsements, and news about upcoming events where you can help us build support for the bond. Sign up here.

ENDORSE the campaign.

 Are you a small business owner, involved with a nonprofit organization, or have some other organization that would like to be an official champion of healthier schools? Let us know! Our campaign will be won by empowering everyday Portlanders to share with their communities about the importance of this bond. Contact our Outreach Director Aaron Brown at aaron@healthyschoolspdx.com to endorse the campaign!

INVITE US to speak.

 Do you have a community event coming up where we could share information about the campaign to your local neighborhood association, book club, soccer team, social club? We're eager to meet your organization and help you get plugged in. Email our Outreach Director Aaron Brown at aaron@healthyschoolspdx.com to learn more. 


Every dollar we raise is a dollar we can spend on materials to knock on doors, to talk to our neighbors, and to win funding for healthy schools. Every Oregonian can give up to $50 to the Portlanders for Safe and Healthy Schools PAC and receive $50 back on their state tax returns next year. (See here for details!)

Looking forward to your support on our path to victory in May!