Thanks, Portland.

Thanks, Portland. 

This Tuesday, the Portlanders for Safe and Healthy Schools campaign celebrated excellent news the moment that polls closed: Portlanders value, cherish, and ardently believe in the foundational role that public schools play in our city. Our commanding victory is a validating affirmation in our belief that our community will rally to invest in healthy, safe, modern, and efficient schools that will meet the changing needs of a changing city. 

This victory belongs to the dozens of volunteers who wrote thousands of postcards, knocked on doors throughout Portland's rainy spring, rallied their local PTAs, and held thousands of conversations with their neighbors about the importance of getting the lead out of the water at PPS schools.  

This victory belongs to the hundreds of community advocates; the environmentalists, affordable housing advocates, equity leaders, small business owners, doctors, disability advocates and beyond who saw an investment in public education as an integral component of their vision for a nobler, healthier, better city in which to raise a family.

This victory belongs to our community's parents, who will be assured that their children's health won't be jeopardized by sitting in their classroom.

This victory belongs to Portland's children, who will return to public schools in the fall with running drinking water, and a renewed faith that our community is committed to providing them the best future possible as the next generation of Portlanders.  

This victory is yours, Portland. Enjoy it, and from all of us on the campaign: