Willamette Week endorses Measure 26-193.

One number tells the story: 77. That is the average age of the district's 90 school buildings. Anybody who has stepped inside those buildings has seen the dilapidated, outdated spaces. They haven't seen the invisible dangers: lead, radon, asbestos and other hazards lurking inside school walls or the lack of modern precautions against fires and earthquakes.
Since it launched its first wave of capital reconstruction with a 2012 bond that raised $482 million, the district has been clear it would make a succession of bond requests to repair many of its buildings. And while PPS has grappled with numerous other problems, audits and other records show it has actually performed admirably in spending the 2012 bond money.

Read the full article HERE; Willamette Week's endorsement follows the endorsement by The Portland Tribune yesterday.