Today's Endorsement: Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.

Today, we're highlighting our pals at the Oregon Tradeswomen, who endorsed the Portlanders for Safe and Healthy Schools campaign.

"Oregon Tradeswomen was founded on the principles that women deserve and can attain economic self-suffciency through pursuing careers in the building, mechanical, electrical, and utility trades while helping and encouraging the trades industry build up a diverse workforce. We're happy to announce our endorsement of Measure 26-193 because this investment in education fulfills many different aspects of our organization's mission. A Yes vote this May will be providing women economic opportunities through new living wage construction jobs, it will modernize Portland's historic Benson Polytechnic High School for a new generation of technically trained women, and it'll ensure that every Portland student will have access to a healthy, modern education. Please vote YES this May for the Safe and Healthy Schools campaign."