The 2017 Portland Public Schools Bond will protect our children today while building for their future.

Let's say yes to healthy schools that give our kids the modern education and technology tools they need to succeed.


Lead in the water, lead paint, asbestos…these dangerous neurotoxins and carcinogens have no place in our school buildings where children learn and grow. Nearly every Portland Public School tested positive for having at least one water fixture with unsafe levels of lead. Some schools have exposed asbestos, while others have unsafe levels of radon.

The 2017 PPS Bond provides $324 million dollars to reduce student and staff exposure to hazardous materials by replacing lead pipes and fixtures and removing or capping exposed lead paint and asbestos at every single school in the district.

Last year, PPS conducted a thorough assessment of every school in the district in order to identify and catalog the health hazards at every school. This bond has been crafted to fix and mitigate these hazards. You can read the full report here.


The average age of PPS schools building is 77 years; many are over 100 years old. Many of Portland's schools were built before the state’s seismic code was in place, and others have outdated or barely functional fire alarm and suppression systems. Other schools have deteriorating and leaky roofs.

This bond would fund necessary seismic upgrades that strengthen safety for our children and our teachers, update fire safety alarms and sprinkler systems and repairs and repair or replace leaking or deteriorating school roofs. The Bond will also improve accessibility for people with disabilities.


The 2017 bond is part of a long-range plan to modernize and improve all of our schools over the next 20 years. The 2012 Bond funded complete modernization of Roosevelt, Franklin and Grant High Schools as well as critical repairs and upgrades at 52 schools across the district.

The 2017 Bond rebuilds or replaces three outdated high schools (Benson, Lincoln and Madison) all built at least 50 years ago and one middle school (Kellogg) to ensure students have access to classrooms that provide them with the modern education and technology tools they need to succeed. These projects include upgrading science labs, new roofs, improved accessibility and earthquake safety, job training, updated technology and math classrooms.


The PPS Bond invests in cost-saving measures such as repairing or replacing aging, inefficient heating and cooling systems, installing energy efficient windows, lighting systems and insulation.

These repairs will help save our schools money in the long run. For example, through energy efficiency upgrades, roof repairs that prevent damage from leaks and reducing the use of bottled water taxpayers will save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

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